Itchy Heels?


There could be several reasons for itchy heels. There is no particular meaning to itchy heels. They can result from things such as dry skin, a fungal infection, eczema or sweating.
Q&A Related to "Itchy Heels?"
have a very uncomfortable itch in both of my heels during periods of inactivity or when going to bed. It is so itchy that I often lose some sleep every night. The itch is not localized
only at nights, my heels become hot and a bit itchy. it is uncomfortable and i have to wake up sometimes just to put cold water on it. it's not dry or injured and it's not
This is most likely a callus and is getting bigger because you are not taking pressure off of it. But just in case I would go to the doctor, or a walk in clinic and have them check
You could have athlete's foot or dry skin. Try washing your feet
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