Itchy Nose Superstition?


There are many different superstitions about an itchy nose. One such superstition states that if you have an itchy nose, you are going to get in a quarrel with someone. Other superstitions involving an itchy nose are that someone is thinking about you, and that you will be kissed by a fool.
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There's a variety of superstitions associated with an itchy nose. It's said to mean that someone is coming to meet you, provoke you, kiss you or that you'll be in danger.
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North American tradition says that if you have an itchy nose, you'll
All I can say is that the astronuts had to have a spell put on them to keep their noses from itching when wearing a sealed space suit and helmet. Source(s) are you kidding?
An itchy nose basically means that you nose is itching. You need to scratch it. Most of the time when your nose is itching it is due to allergies.
Pollen from weeds, trees and grass are possible reasons for your itchy nose. Trees usually cause spring allergies, summer allergies are often from grasses and weeds, and ragweed is
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An itchy nose is a silly superstition that means that someone is thinking about you. In other explanations, it means that one is going to get a surprise. These ...
Itchy nose is a term that means an irritation around the nose which tempts one to scratch. 'After the mosquito bit him, he had an itchy nose' is an example. It ...
The meaning of brown nose varies. It could mean seek a favor from someone in an unorthodox manner. An itchy nose means the nose has a reaction and needs to be ...
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