Itchy Rash on Stomach and Back?


Itchy rash on stomach and back is an unpleasant feeling accompanied by several tiny swellings. Itchy rash is may be caused by allergy, infections, measles and chickenpox among other causes.
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If you wear a belt or trousers with a metal fastener you may be allergic to the buckle or fastener. In turn, this could be a nickel allergy. The best thing to do is to visit your
if it reminds you of chicken pox it could be shingles. when shingles first start out they look like no more than chicken pox or bug bites, but as they start to itch (after a few days
Some causes of Stomach Rash are Cushing syndrome,
This sounds like Pityriasis Rosea. It is harmless, will come and go without needing treatment. Its cause is unclear, but most of the people that get it will mostly get it just once
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