Itchy Rash on Thighs?


An itchy rash on your thighs can occur if you come into contact with something that you are allergic to. Lotion, laundry detergent, and soap can all cause you to have a rash. A rash on the thighs can also be caused by the heat. Psoriasis and eczema are two other possible causes of a thigh rash.
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Your rash looks like something called petechiae. A Petechia, or Petechiae in its plural form, is a flat, tiny dot under the skin’s surface than can be red, brown, purple or
It could be poison Ivy or bed bugs. Hope you find out what it is.
1. Know your family's medical history. It is possible that other members have experienced frequent or recurrent skin rashes. If there are others with the same problem in the family,
it's healing as the bacteria from your mosquito bites dissolves into your skin? maybe a small allergic reaction.
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