How to Cure a Scratchy Throat?


An itchy, scratchy throat can be caused by allergies or an oncoming cold. A common cure is hot tea and honey. There are also several over the counter medicines you can take. You can also try cough drops to help soothe your throat.
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To cure a scratchy throat, drink hot liquids, such as tea, with some honey in it. The honey can be taken straight by the spoonful as well. Gargling with warm, salted water will help
you should probably drink hot drinks such as hot cocoa, coffee. or search on the internet.
Hot drinks, like tea, can be very soothing to the throat. The heat increases blood flow and improves circulation to the area, which may allow it to heal more quickly. Herbal tea,
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Sometimes a dehydrated mouth can cause an itchy, scratchy throat. It's important to rehydrate. But not all drinks are suitable. According to "The Doctors ...
If you have a scratchy throat, nasal congestion, and itchy ears, you should take something similar to Sudafed. This can help to clear up your symptoms, and also ...
Scratchy throats are common in the winter months, when the air is generally dry and cold. But a remedy for a scratchy throat may be as close as your kitchen cabinet ...
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