Itik Itik Dance Steps?


Itik Itik dance steps are easy to follow. The steps mimic duck movements. This is a traditional dance from the Philippines. Itik is actually a Tagalog word for duck.
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hi, not too sure though, why not go for dance class?perhaps you can try search on 88db for dance classes that offer the itik itik dance steps, and if i'm not wrong 'itik itik' means
Itik-itik - According to history of this dance, a young woman named Kanang (short for Cayetana) happened to be the best performer in the province of Surigao del Norte. At one baptismal
In the Itik Itik dance, girls wear patadyong or balintawak style costumes and
Its like a chicken dance..
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The itik-itik folk dance is native to Surigao, Mindanao in the Philippines. It comes from the Tagalog word for 'duck'. ...
The folk dances in Philippines are Itik-itik, Tinikling, Pandango sa Ilaw, Singkil, Maglalatik, and Carinosa. Adding to the list are Pantomina, Malakas at Maganda ...
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