How to Use Ivermectin on Dogs?


Ivermectin is used for the treatment of heart-worms in dogs. The use of Ivermectin will depend upon the body weight of the dog. The standard Ivermectin dosage is abut 1% Ivermectin at the rate of 1 cc per 100 lbs of body weight of the dog.
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.1=ONE tenth=cc.per 10lbs. of the ONE PERCENT SOLUTION-oral dose. The dosage for ear mite treatment is different. You DO realize that ivomec is *NOT* labeled for use on dogs,right
1. Evaluate your dog for symptoms. Signs of this condition include weakness and excessive drooling. Your canine may also experience seizures and loss of appetite. 2. Take your canine
I use liquid ivermectin for horses.Each ml. contains 1% ivermectin ( 10mg. per ml. ) I purchased this from my Vet. The bottle is 100 ml. and cost me $50.00 It's called Ivercide by
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