How to Use Ivermectin on Dogs?


Ivermectin is used for the treatment of heart-worms in dogs. The use of Ivermectin will depend upon the body weight of the dog. The standard Ivermectin dosage is abut 1% Ivermectin at the rate of 1 cc per 100 lbs of body weight of the dog.
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1. Speak with your veterinarian before using Ivomec Wormer. According to, dogs testing positive for heartworm disease should not use this drug. Breeds like collies and
.1=ONE tenth=cc.per 10lbs. of the ONE PERCENT SOLUTION-oral dose. The dosage for ear mite treatment is different. You DO realize that ivomec is *NOT* labeled for use on dogs,right
I use liquid ivermectin for horses.Each ml. contains 1% ivermectin ( 10mg. per ml. ) I purchased this from my Vet. The bottle is 100 ml. and cost me $50.00 It's called Ivercide by
There is NO typical dosage since treatment-resistant insects (generally lice forms) need far more than the normal dermatologist will prescribe. I took 48 mgs. in September, 2012 on
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