How to Connect a Jabra Earpiece to a PC.?


1. Plug the Jabra earpiece's USB adapter into the USB port on the PC. 2. Place the Jabra earpiece next to the USB adapter. 3. Power on the Jabra earpiece by hitting the power button on the side of the device. The earpiece and USB adapter will
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the jabra bt135 was designed only for ps3 and is not compatible with a pc
The Jabra GN2100 Hifi is compatible with the following system programs and can be connected to a PC or laptop with the Plug&Play function without additional software. System programs
The following components are required to connect the Jabra GN2100 to a PC/laptop via USB: Jabra GN2100 (FlexBoom recommended) + Jabra GN8110USB 8110-74-04 The Jabra GN8110 USB is
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