What song is Party Boy from "Jackass" dancing to?


According to the Internet Movie Database and the credits of "Jackass: The Movie," the music track used in Party Boy segments was specially composed for the show and film. The song is called "Party Boy Theme" and was composed and performed by electronica artist Dave Roen.

Dave Roen's work has been featured in the "Skatetunes" series, a collection of albums by artists affiliated with the skateboarding scene and released in 2005. The "Skatetunes" series includes four compilations by Roen that are subtitled "Super Dave Roen," "More Super Dave Roen," "Even More Super Dave Roen" and "Still More Super Dave Roen."

Q&A Related to "What song is Party Boy from "Jackass" dancing..."
The song is 'Partyboy, What is the Secret of your dancing? and it has another version called 'Wonderboy'
That's a great question! Keep those questions coming in 24-7! We love
easy . . . "bicky bicky beeee"
The song used is called "The Party Boy Theme" by Dave Roen. The name of the guy is not listed.
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