What is the meaning of "Jai Guru Deva"?


Jai Guru Deva is part of the lyrics to the song 'Across The Universe.' The words loosely mean 'I give thanks to Guru Dev (heavenly teacher) om.'
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Guru Deva, actually it is Guru Dev, is invoked in the song because he was the Maharishi's teacher. He is an actual person, and they invoked him in their meditation every day. The
This page gives a very detailed explanation. I Want to join a Beatles Fan Club! Fan Clubs and Regular Publications The biggest list I've found, including addresses and fees, from
In the Beatles song "Across the Universe" the most simple translation is: "I give
It means "Victory to God divine","hail to the divine guru" Source(s): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Across_the_…
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