How much is a Jamaica 10 dollar coin worth in the U.S.?


The value of Jamaica coins actually vary from time to time. However, a $10 coin from Jamaica is worth ten cents in U.S. money. Jamaican money is not worth much in the United States.
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If you are in Jamaica, it's worth one penny. If you are in the US, it's worth what someone will pay you for it. Jamaica money used to be hard to find but as it increases in popularity
The value of a 20 dollar Jamaican coin is
It's worth 20 cents in Jamaica. and with inflation. it's worth about 12 cents now compared to what it would buy in 1981 when it was minted.
If it's got some wear, but only on the high points of the coin, you might be able to sell it to a dealer for $1.50 or so. With more than just a little wear, you'll probably get less
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Jamaican coins are currency coins issued by the Bank of Jamaica. The coins are minted in seven different denominations, which include 1 cent, 10 cent, 25 cent, ...
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