What characterizes a Jamaican accent?


The Jamaican accent is known as a Patois. Patois is a non-standard language. It is a dialect or accents that forms a local speech style or pattern. The origin of the word patois may be Old French. English is the official language of Jamaica. The Jamaican Patois is a Creole language derived from English and African. It is the language of a Reggae music. Native American words are also interspersed. There are also archaic features of Irish English found in the Patois.
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Accent vs. Patois. Speaking with a Jamaican accent requires you to speak English the way a Jamaican would. You are still speaking English, but you are using some common Patois words
The Jamaican accent is very musical, with a lot of tonal ups and downs. Jamaicans speak English, but very quickly and with a lot of local slang.
Where did Jamaicans get their accent from? I alway. Where did Jamaicans get
The secret is not to make it sound like a "Jamaican accent"... i dont see anything that would be pronounced differently. Just find a nice riddim and you'll be ok. Everyone
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