How to Plant Jasmine Seeds?


Jasmine seeds should first be planted indoors. Before placing in the soil, the seeds should be soaked the night before planting in a bowl of warm water. After being removed from the water, the seeds should be planted in small pots or germination trays filled with a seed starting soil mix. The Jasmine seeds should then be lightly covered with the soil mix and sprayed lightly with water.
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1. Gather the jasmine berries in late summer and early fall when they begin to split. Pull the berries from the vine and pick up the berries that have already fallen. 2. Remove the
You don't have to actually do anything except put your seeds in a dry place with low humidity like the inside of your house. They will dry in a few days,and you could put them in
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Hi Frank, Thanx for the additional information. I believe the jasmine you're talking about is Jasminum samabac which is used to make leis and in Hawaii, we called it pikake. Mostly
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Asian Jasmine, known as Dwarf Confederate, is best planted from a started plant. Asian Jasmine seeds generally do not thrive. When growing it, the plant requires ...
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