How to Plant Jasmine Seeds?


Jasmine seeds should first be planted indoors. Before placing in the soil, the seeds should be soaked the night before planting in a bowl of warm water. After being removed from the water, the seeds should be planted in small pots or germination trays filled with a seed starting soil mix. The Jasmine seeds should then be lightly covered with the soil mix and sprayed lightly with water.
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Things You'll Need. Planting container. Peat moss. Perlite. Madagascar jasmine seeds. Plastic cover/clear plastic bag. Instructions. Fill a planting container with equal parts of
You don't have to actually do anything except put your seeds in a dry place with low humidity like the inside of your house. They will dry in a few days,and you could put them in
These can be purchased online at eBay, amazon, or from gardeners.
You can try doing some cuttings, rooting them in water or a sand medium. There are several plants called jasmine, and some a more difficult to root than others. Rooting may or may
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How to Plant Jasmine Seeds
Jasmine is a perennial vine with white flowers that bloom in the summer and fall. The plant has brown to black berries, which house the individual seeds of the plant. It is a hardy plant that requires little maintenance but must receive at least six... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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