How to Throw a Javelin?


It is not too difficult to throw a javelin. First you have to hold the javelin in one hand. Then you have to start running sideways. While you are doing so plant your lead foot and throw the javelin as hard as you can.
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The steps of throwing a javelin varies. You will have to know how to hold the javelin, the way to run and also how to grip. Having a set balance also helps.You can find more information
1. Train with weights three days a week, with a day in between to let the muscles recover. Focus on the leg and shoulder muscles, but don't ignore anything. 2. Train with a medicine
1 Prepare with the "Start and Carry. " During this phase, relax the muscles of the right shoulder, arm and wrist, while simultaneously allowing for an easy running action.
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The javelin throw is a track and field event where a spear, or javelin, is thrown. This event is for both men and women. The Olympic record for the javelin throw ...
There are a lot of muscles used in the Javelin Throw. However, the main muscles affected in this sport/exercise are those in the athlete's shoulders. Take note ...
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