How to Throw a 'Jaws' Theme Party?


Throwing a party with a Jaws theme can be a lot of fun. You can have a shark pinata and shark them activities. You can do drinks with gummy fish floating in them. You can also get a pool with shark floating devices.
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1. Decorate for your party. Set up the tables with aquamarine table cloths. Imitate seaweed by draping the table cloth with green streamers or garland. Randomly place aquarium decorations
The first notes are E F E F and you just keep playing that faster for a few times then you do D# D C# C# D D# then its done.
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The 'Jaws' theme song is one of the most well-known songs in movie history. The song, which simply consists of notes E and F, was used during some of the scariest ...
There are numerous sites from where you can get the jaws theme. Some of these sites offer the lyrics in addition to the theme. One such site is the marthas-vineyard-vacation-tips ...
The Theme Music to Jaws was composed by John Williams. The main shark theme plays whenever the shark became closer and featured Tuba playing two notes over and ...
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