What is the JCPenney employee kiosk?


The JCPenney employee kiosk is a self-service portal for human resources management within the JCPenney retail and franchise environment. It helps management moderate payroll, file taxes, generate schedules and provide links for training. The kiosk is accessible in stores through dedicated terminals or online via cloud-hosted portals.

JCPenney employee kiosks provide a way for employees to interact directly with management and keep track of the important administrative aspects of their careers. This solution combines scheduling, payroll and training in a way that produces a complete human resources experience that is easy to manage and update.

The JCPenney employee kiosk allows leadership to keep track of the workforce and monitor the performances of each person while on the job. This creates a more intuitive, communicative business environment and promotes more engagement with individual employees by making a means for managers to reach out to workers even when they are on the retail floor.

Training and coaching are also ideal opportunities that the JCPenney employee kiosk offers to workforce. These resources generate better productivity and performance for staff members while making them more loyal to the business. It also produces enhanced retention opportunities for JCPenney by generating a return on investment in staff members as they learn more skills.

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