How to Check Transmission Fluid in a Jeep?


To check transmission fluid in a jeep one would to take out the dip stick to the transmission. Clean off the dip stick with a soft cloth. Insert the dip stick back into the hole and wait a second or two and remove. The dip stick has a gauge on it to tell if more fluid is needed.
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1. Turn motor on and run your jeep until it reaches normal operating temperature. If needed, drive the vehicle around or check the fluid just after returning from an errand in your
what kind of transmission does your jeep have? model and year? need info to answer this its not a one size fits all type deal. I have the AW4 4 speed auto on a jeep Cherokee and just
Transmission fluid is added through the transmission dipstick tube. Most vehicle manufacturers require checking the transmission fluid when it is at normal operating temperature and
The Mopar brand is recommended for the Jeep Cherokee for transmission
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1. Open the hood by pulling back on the latch inside the vehicle, usually located in front of the driver's door. Move the latch under the partially open hood to ...
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