How do you dye hair with Jell-O?


Jello hair dye has become popular with preteens, teens and parents because it is not permanent and will not damage your hair. Jello dye works best with light hair, if you have dark hair you will need to bleach it first. To dye your hair you will need a box of jello in the color of your choice, conditioner, old towels and either plastic wrap, foil, or a shower cap.
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1. Set out all your materials and start with clean, dry hair. Apply the petrolleum jelly around your hairline and ears to prevent it from staining your skin. 2. Mix the Jell-O in
The best hair dye is really something you have to determine yourself. There are so many types and everyone's hair is different so what works for one person may not work for you.
Just mix the unsweetened Jell-o mix and apply it to your hair. Good luck
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How to Dye Hair With Jello
Everyone knows that Jell-O™ is a fun jiggly food that comes in lots of bright colors. You also can use the powder in the little boxes to dye your hair those same fun colors.... More »
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