Jennifer Nettles Biography?


Jennifer Nettles is an American country music artist, mostly known as the lead singer of the duo Sugarland. Nettles was also in two previous bands and has performed duets with Bon Jovi lead singer, Jon Bon Jovi.
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A mini biography of Jennifer Nettles is that she is the lead singer of Sugarland. She is a country music artist.
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With a presentation of engaging tunes, dynamic vocals, and poetic
Jennifer Nettles is the lead singer in the band, Sugarland. She was married to Todd Van Sickle, but they are divorced. Recently, she has been linked to having a relationship with
Jennifer Nettles is not currently married. She was at one time married to Todd Van Sickle who owned a music club in GA. and has been seen with Clayton Mitchell of Kenny Chesney's
She has the word 'believe' on her outer left wrist and a heart with wings on her right inner bicep and a small rose on her right hip.
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Jennifer Nettles is a member of the country group Sugarland. She was born on September 11, 1974 making her 38 in 2012. The band Sugarland formed in 2003 and ...
Jennifer Nettles is reported as being five feet and three inches tall. Jennifer is a famous singer for Sugarland. ...
Jennifer Nettles has three tattoos. There is one on her wrist that says believe. There is also one on her bicep of a heart with wings and one on her hip of a ...
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