Jeremy Mayfield Divorce?


There is no information available to indicate that Jeremy Mayfield got a divorce. He is married to Shana Mayfield and the couple have been married since 2003. They are reported to have met at the Darlington Speedway in 1999. The couple portray themselves as homebodies who keep to themselves. Mayfield is a former NASCAR driver who has had numerous legal problems. He was suspended in 2009 for use of methamphetamine. Mayfield was born on May 27, 1969 and is, as of March 2013, 43 years of age.
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Jeremy Mayfield was born in Owensboro,
Jeremy Allan Mayfield May 27, 1969 in Owensboro, Kentucky, USA
From Team Press Release. August 25, 2006. 08:35 AM EDT (12:35 GMT) HIGH POINT, N.C. - Jeremy Mayfield's impending move to Bill Davis Racing was confirmed Thursday when the veteran
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