What is Jerky Chew?


Jerky Chew is an easy-to-eat beef jerky product created by the Jack Link's company. The jerky is shredded and packaged in a small container, which the company states is the easiest way to feed your jerky fix.

Housing the beef jerky in a small container makes Jerky Chew an ideal snack for a person who is on the go. This also means that it can be resealed, which is often an issue with beef jerky sticks.

Jerky Chew is primarily made from beef, salt, and water. The entire can counts as one serving and contains 30 calories, 9 grams of protein and 450 mg of sodium.

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1. Remove a small amount of jerky chew from its can. Pinch the jerky with your fingers. 2. Place the chew in your mouth between your gums and your cheek. Place the chew next to your
its just beef jerkey shreded promise.
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I don't know the point of jerky chew. Probably pointless. It tastes good I think but it is SUCH a bad influence to kids. It is almost a twin to real chew. You could pack it like real
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How to Use Jerky Chew
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