Jesse Stone Movies in Order?


The Jesse Stone movies in order are ?Stone Cold?, ?Night Passage?, Death in Paradise?, ?Sea Change?, ?Thin Ice?, ?No Remorse? and ?Innocents Lost?. The eighth movie is currently in production and is called ?Benefit of the Doubt?.
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"Stone Cold" was the first one out. It came out the February 20, 2005. Then came the prequel, "Night Passage" January 15, 2006. Third out was "Death in Paradise
Tom Selleck (born Thomas William Selleck on 1/29/1945 in Detroit, Michigan) best known for the Magnum P.I. TV series, has so far been in 8 Jesse Stone movies. Watch them in logical
The order of the Jesse Stone movies are Stone Cold, Night Passage, Death
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Jesse Stone is the main character of a series of books by Robert B. Parker. CBS premiered a series of TV movies based on the novels, with Tom Selleck portraying Jesse Stone.
In order, the films are: Stone Cold (2005), Night Passage (2006), Death in Paradise (2006), Sea Change (2007), Thin Ice (2009), No Remorse (2010), Innocents Lost (2011), and Benefit of the Doubt (2012).
The Jesse Stone movies were shown on TV out of sequence. The order of the movies are Night Passage, Stone Cold, Death in Paradise, Sea Change, Thin Ice, No Remorse, Innocents Lost and Benefit of the Doubt.
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