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The Jesse Stone movies list consists of eight movies. The movies started in February of 2005 and the last one is currently in production as of 2011. The movies all appear on TV.
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Jesse Stone is the main character of a series of books by Robert B. Parker. CBS premiered a series of TV movies based on the novels, with Tom Selleck portraying Jesse Stone.
In order, the films are: Stone Cold (2005), Night Passage (2006), Death in Paradise (2006), Sea Change (2007), Thin Ice (2009), No Remorse (2010), Innocents Lost (2011), and Benefit of the Doubt (2012).
A list of Jesse Stone movies include No Remorse, Sea Change, Thin Ice, Night Passage, and Death in Paradise. Additional Jesse Stone movies include Stone Cold, Innocents Lost, and Benefit of the Doubt. All the movies were made for TV.
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Easy answer. No need to keep looking. View Night Passage first, he meets "pal" Abby and has original dog "Boomer" In Stone Cold, Abby dies and he adopts "
So far, there have been 7 Jesse Stone TV movies, starring Tom Selleck. The 8th and latest one, "Benefit of the Doubt" will be shown on TV sometime in 2012, but is currently
"Jesse Stone: No Remorse" starring Tom Selleck is currently in
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The Jesse Stone movies in order are ?Stone Cold?, ?Night Passage?, Death in Paradise?, ?Sea Change?, ?Thin Ice?, ?No Remorse? and ?Innocents Lost?. The eighth ...
The Jesse Stone movie series are television movies of the series of novels written by Robert B. Parker. In the movies, Tom Selleck plays the part of Jesse Stone. ...
The Jesse Stone movies are films based off the novels written by Robert B. Parker. There are eight films total. From oldest to newest these are: Stone Cold, Night ...
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