Jesus Is the Reason for the Season Poem?


Jesus is the Reason is a poem written by Joanna Fuchs. It is a poem to remind people of the Christian faith and why Christmas is celebrated, the birth of Jesus Christ.
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For Christians, "Jesus is the reason for the season" meaning that Christmas
Translation: Jesús es la razón de la temporada.
I believe Jesus is the Reason for the Christmas season because he was born in a humble manner. In a stable because that is all they had in terms of room for him, not in a inn, but
Quoting Jesushelper76: What I am looking forward to is surprising my family for christmas. They have no idea that I plan on going down. It is close to a 20 hour drive. Do not know
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Jesus Is the Reason for the Season clipart resembles a set of images used to illustrate the celebration of Christ's birthday in the Christian faith. The day is ...
During the Christmas season, many people use the phrase, 'Jesus is the reason for the season.' This means they want people to remember the real meaning behind ...
Brian A. "Drew" Chalker is the author who wrote the poem ...
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