How to Find the Markings or Trademark Symbols Stamped on Gold Jewelry and Jewelry Maker?


The markings or trademark symbols are usually stamped on the inside of the gold jewelry if it is a ring. If it is a pendant, usually the trademark symbols and jewelry maker would put it on the other side of the pendant opposite to the side with intricate designs. If it is a necklace or a bracelet without any pendant or dangling jewels, you can find it on the part of the jewelry near its clasp or lock.
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whatdose 952 NH mean my grand mother wants to know.
Maker's Mark makes Bourbon. It is one of the few brands to credit Mother Nature for
The c in a circle is copyright insignia, meaning it's made specifically by a certain person who possibly filed with copyright law. I found all these on wikipedia:
A jewelry Maker's mark is simply the brand name which the company uses. Catagorized to ensure true antique Authenticity. It does not express the quality of the gold jewelry.
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