What is the value of a JFK half dollar?


The John F. Kennedy half dollar coin was first created shortly after Kennedy's death, and is a popular collectible. JFK half dollar value depends upon the year of its minting and the condition of the coin.
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50 cents. Correction It depends on its date. Assuming the coin was found in circulation or a bank roll, as of 06/2009 approximate values are: 1964 : 90% silver, worth about $5-6 at
1. Contact a certified coin dealer regarding the half dollar coins. These individuals specialize in purchasing and selling all types of coins, including half dollar coins. Check the
Benjamin Franklin was on the half dollar before JFK.
The coin is a very common date/mintmark Franklin, unless it's a super high grade coin the value is just for the silver, about $10.00.
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The current value of a JFK half dollar depends on when it was made, and the price of silver. For the 1964 version, a recent price has been $11.57. For the 1965-1970 version, a recent price has been $4.73. These prices are of January 2013.
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