How to Make Jheri Curls?


The Jheri Curl was created in 1980 by a hairstylist named Jheri Redding. You'll want to gather the needed essentials, like a rat tail comb, softening cream, Jheri curl kit and perm rods. You'll separate your hair in to sections, apply the creme, rinse and add in the perm rods and complete Jheri curl kit.
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1. Use a rat-tail comb to part your hair into four sections. To do this, make a part down the center of your hair from front to back. Make another part in the center that extends
1. Buy Jheri curl supplies. You can find kits in most drugstores or beauty stores. Your kit should contain a softener to loosen your hair, a solution to set the curls, and perm rods
The Jheri Curl is named after hair products of Jheri Redding. It is a perm that loosens the
After applying a softener, the curls are set on perm rods and a chemical solution is added to permanently curl the hair.
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How to Make Jheri Curls
The Jheri curl, also spelled "Jerry" curl by many, is a hairstyle that was created in the early 1980's by a professional hairstylist named Jheri Redding. The Jheri curl quickly became a popular hairstyle amongst African Americans, including celebrities... More »
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To make a Jheri Curl for men, part the hair at the center from top to bottom. Then part the hair from ear to ear. Roll the hair with perm rods. Apply permanent ...
To get a natural jerry curl, put your hair into four sections. Apply the softening cream from the Jheri curl kit into the hair. Rinse the cream from your hair ...
Jerry Curls is a hairstyle which was invented in the early 1980s by a professional hairstylist named Jheri Redding. The Jerry curl quickly became a popular hairstyle ...
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