Jibbitz is a type of embellishment that goes on Crocs sandals. The Jibbitz company is based out of Boulder, Colorado. There are many different types of shoe charms that include themes such as Disney, Hello Kitty, and Warner Brothers characters. Some Jibbitz embellishments include flowers, Tweety bird, Spongebob, Tinkerbell, lightening bolts, skulls, Minnie Mouse, hearts, pearls, and diamonds. Each Jibbitz is designed to fit in the holes of Crocs sandals to create a unique design.
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1. Insert your hand into the Crocs shoe, so your finger is resting on the back of the Jibbitz. 2. Push the Jibbitz upward from inside of the shoe. 3. Wiggle the Jibbitz through the
Jibbitz are decorations for Crocs shoes.
Cheap Jibbitz can be found at most stores selling Crocs such as Croc Outlet, Famous Footwear and Dillards. They can also be found on the Croc and Amazon websites.
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Jibbitz has been acquired by Crocs to help them design their Crocs sandals. Jibbitz company is creatively designing the holes of Crocs sandals by attaching accessories ...
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