Jiggly Thighs?


Jiggly thighs indicate that there is excess skin in the thigh area. There are exercises that can be done to tone that area of the body and well as burn fat. One exercise that helps thighs is squats. If done properly, squats can tone and develop the thigh muscles. Lunges are also ideal to help reveal toned and well defined thighs as opposed to jiggly thighs. There are different types of lunges a person can perform that include side lunges, jump switch lunges, and walking lunges.
Q&A Related to "Jiggly Thighs?"
Short shorts and bathing suits don’t like jiggly thighs and neither do you. Your legs, which hold the largest muscles on your body, would seem to be working so much on a daily
Umm.I think that this is pretty normal. My legs are really muscular, as I play lots of sports 12+ hrs a week, and this happens to me too. I think the only way to prevent this would
You can do chair squats. Stand in front of the
"Large" thighs, okay, but how 'bout "jiggly" thighs? Are those healthy, too? I can't wait for the article that tells us having jiggly, cellulite-ridden thighs,
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