Job Description of Saleslady?


The job description of a saleslady includes having good customer service. The saleslady must be thoroughly familiar with the items she is selling. She must also be friendly and approachable.
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talkative,costumer always assist in a good way,always smile to the costumer,say welcome and thank you sir/mam.
To write a job description you need to include basic details and expectations of the job. Describe what the job requires and exactly what the person working the job will be doing.
Cashiers have to take payments and give change to customers. They have to make sure they give the correct change, otherwise their cash drawers will not balance. Customers will sometimes
Someone who thinks she is better than her customers because she is working in an upscale department store - meanwhile she is making minimum wage and is at the end of ALL her credit
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Job Description of a Saleslady
A saleslady is a professional salesperson that is skilled in the art of selling. She gives special attention to customer to fill their purchasing needs in a courteous and experienced manner. This professional does much more than push the merchandise... More »
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