Job Specialization?


A job specialization is a specific subset of tasks that a person may be particularly skilled at within the normal functions of a job. For example a dog groomer may be especially good at shampooing.
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Job specialization, also called work specialization or division of labor, is the process of separating all the activities necessary for the business or the organization into individual
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What Is Job Specialization?
All companies initially have to decide upon an overall organizational structure -- that is, they have to decide how many jobs they will have and what the exact responsibilities of each job will be. This means using job specialization, which is just one... More »
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Sumer is a historical land in Southern Mesopotamia. Ancient Sumerian jobs included farming whereby they specialized in large-scale cultivation and irrigation. ...
If there was a sharp increase in job specialization you would have to retrain or teach your employees the new specialization. This would make a consequence of ...
During the Viking age there were few specialized jobs thus most people mainly worked as farmers. Few other jobs that were available were metal working, boat builders ...
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