Jobs Dealing with Animals?


The kinds of jobs that deal with animals are divided into three groups: animal care, animal activism and protection and animal sales. Animal care jobs include positions such as veterinarian, trainer or groomer. Animal activism and protection jobs include positions such as wildlife ranger. Animal sales jobs include breeding, farming and pet distribution.
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Veterinarians, Farmers, Butchers and Taxidermists, to name but a few.
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Often times, animals grieve as much or more than humans. If your animal is behaving abnormally, consider seeing a veterinarian who is educated about pet grief. Also, a vet can conduct
Some careers for people who like working with animals are: veterina...
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Jobs That Deal With Animals
Individuals looking for an animal-related career can choose from options such as animal treatment investigator, jockey valet, pet groomer or veterinary receptionist. The work environments include racetracks, pet stores and veterinary medical clinics.... More »
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