Jobs for Kids 13 and under?


Jobs for kids 13 and younger include being a model for clothing advertisements. They can also get paid from retail clothing stores to try on clothing and be featured in their weekly flyers. Other jobs for kids 13 and under include performing tasks for neighbors such as planting flowers for them, mowing the grass, and washing windows. They can also make crafts and other stuff and then sell them for cash. Other jobs include pet care and babysitting.
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1. Determine whether or not your state requires teens to have working papers to begin employment. Your child's school counselor can help you find out and also provide you with the
As you note, Facebook is explicitely not designed for children under 13. That said, many of the Facebook games are broad in appeal, and few of them are inappropriate for children
some jobs you could do is sell drinks or food at a yard sale. shovel the snow at your house and. friends. Learn to play the guitar and start a band for your school or not. paint faces
im 12 and i refferee youth soccer. i would try it out.
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