Jobs That Make a Lot of Money?


Likely, it comes as no surprise that surgeons, doctors and dentists have some of the highest-earning careers in general. Lawyers are certainly in the mix, too. But beneath these highest-earning careers overall, the type of work diversifies greatly. There are many very lucrative careers in management in all sorts of fields -- from the CEO level managing an entire company, to engineering management, information systems management, and sales management. Additionally, air traffic controllers and geologists and engineers (particularly in the petroleum industry) appear toward the top of most 'top earners' lists.
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The wages earned by plumbers, carpenters, masons and others working in various related trades are often above the national average. While some of these positions require training
Personally, I think that if you are really interested in getting a good paying job that you should look into becoming a Nurse or a Doctor! They make awesome money and it's also for
In order to afford a Bentley, you need a high paying job. Some of the top
Television news reporters. Television sports reporter in 2009 [1] Max - $190k. Average - $33k. Median - $26k. I know smart, beautiful people who dreamed of doing this, achieved some
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