How much is a john adams 1797-1801 gold dollar worth?


The John Adams 1797-1801 gold dollar's worth has declined and can be found online from anywhere between $2-$15. This presidential coin was made in bulk and not made to be a collectors coin at the time of creation which takes an old coins worth climbing very little decade to decade. For more information about this coin, please visit the following link.
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Identify the exact stamp using a catalog. This could involve learning about perforations, watermarks and colors as well as condition. The catalog will provide a value. The value is
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Your dollar coin was not minted 1797-1801 that was the dates Adams was president. The date on your coin is 2007 and it is on the edge of the coin along with the legends. The edge
On April 21, 1789, John Adams, the first vice president
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