Who are John Cena's family members?


John Cena was born on April 23, 1977. John's parents are Carol and John Cena, Sr. and they have a very large and loving family. John has four brothers named Matt, Steve, Sean, and Dan. John was once married to Elizabeth Huberdeau until he got a divorce on July 18, 2012. In his spare time, John Cena enjoys to collect muscle cars, play video games, catch up on his favorite sports teams, and watch anime.
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Dads name is John Cena, His mom is Carol his two brothers are matt and Dan cena and trademark is his cousin.
1. Start with nothing fancy-just wear down your opponent with punches, shoulder blocks and clotheslines. Cena's main arsenal to start a match is that of a street brawler. 2. Take
1. Get into. rap music. Outside of wrestling, Cena records and creates his own music and. rap albums. for example, his current WWE theme song "The Time Is Now" Cena also
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John Cena
Children: does not have any children
Relationship: is divorced
John Cena has been a dominant figure in the professional wrestling business of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) since the mid-2000s, an 11-time WWE champion known for his clean-cut meets hip-hop persona. He grew up in Massachusetts and played football... More>>
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