John Deere 110 Garden Tractor?


The John Deere model 110 garden tractor was made from 1963 to 1974. This was the first garden tractor made by John Deere and was designed in 1962.
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Year. Serial Number. Engine. 1963 2,550 - 3,550 Kohler K161 (7hp) 1964 3,551 - 15,000 Kohler K181 (8hp) 1965 15,001 - 40,000 Kohler K181 1966 40,001 - 65,000 Kohler K181 1967 65,001
1. Raise the hood on your John Deere garden tractor. The battery and starter both mount under the hood. 2. Disconnect the negative (black) battery cable form the battery terminal.
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Because John Deere started the company.
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Part of the family of familiar green John Deere tractors, the 110 garden tractor model was produced in Horicon, Wisconsin from 1963 to 1974. By its final year, the 110 was selling for $1,115.... More »
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