What is a John Deere STX38 lawn mower belt?


The John Deere STY38 lawn mower is among the better seated lawn mowers, ideal for people who live on a large farm or ranch. When the belt needs replacing, consult the John Deere STX38 service manual. Parts may be purchased new or used online or through a John Deere dealership.
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1. Disengage the PTO or mower blade lever located on the rear fender of the John Deere STX38 lawn tractor to remove tension from the drive belt. 2. Position the mower deck to its
Motor Oil: 2 qts. Hydro Oil: 1.75 qts.
The JD part # is M74747, 1/2" 912.7 mm) x 105" (2667 mm)
Gear parts range from $5 to $330 for a John
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