Why did John Hagee divorce his first wife?


John Hagee divorced his first wife Martha as the result of his own infidelity. He wanted to marry the woman with whom he had an affair. Hagee also lost custody of his two children to Martha in the divorce.

Hagee married his first wife in 1960. In 1966, he founded the Trinity Church in San Antonio. When he made the decision to divorce Martha in 1975, he also resigned as executive pastor of the Trinity church in the same letter in which he confessed to an affair with a congregation member named Diana Castro. Castro was only 24 years old at the time. Hagee then married Castro and founded a new church in San Antonio. It was originally called the Church at Castle Hills but was renamed the Cornerstone Church in the late 1980s. The church has a membership of about 19,000 people. Hagee and his second wife have three children and eight grandchildren. Though Hagee still preaches, his son is now the executive pastor of his church. Hagee, a Zionist, is also the chairman for the Christians United for Israel Organization, which he also founded. Zionists are individuals who believe that Israel is the rightful land of the Jewish people as deemed by God.

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