John Tubman?


John Tubman was a free black man and a slave abolitionist. John Tubman's wife was known as Harriet Tubman. She got married to John Tubman in 1844 while at the age of 25. As a slave, she was instrumental in helping john recruit men to be used in Harpers Ferry and she was a great proponent in women's suffrage.
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John Tubman. was Harriet Tubman's first husband.
Harriet Tubman married John Tubman at the age of 25 in
1867 - Harriet Tubman’s husband, John Tubman, died in Dorchester County. Source(s)….
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Harriet Tubman never had any children. She married John Tubman, a freeman in 1844, at about the age of 25 when she was still a slave. She got permission to marry ...
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