How Much Is a Bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label?


A bottle of Johnny Walker Blue in the US costs around $200. Bottle of Johnny Walker in the Philippines is around P2,000. In other countries it costs nearly the same amount as in the US.
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Johnnie Walker is a brand of Scotch whisky. It is the most widely distributed brand of
The problem with JW Blue is that you are paying an obscene amount for a blended whisky. I can pay less than that for a wonderfully aged Balvenie or Laphroig (or just about any other
Johnnie Walker Red Label is the No. 1-selling Scotch whisky in the world. It is a blend of more than 30 single malt and grain whiskeys, is flavorful and boasts a bright, bold aroma
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About Johnny Walker Blue
Johnny Walker Blue Label is the most expensive blended scotch whiskey in the world, retailing for at least $200 as the epitome of the Johnnie Walker line. Buy Johnnie Walker Blue Label scotch as a Christmas present with information from a liquor store... More »
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The cost for a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label will depend on the location it is purchased in. A bottle can cost $200 or more. It is a very expensive blended ...
Johnnie Walker Blue Label is not bottled with a statement of its age. It is a blended whisky that is meant to suggest the flavor of early 19th century whiskies.Other ...
Johnny Walker Blue varies greatly in cost as of December 24, 2012. The cost depends on the age and the store selling it. The average bottle will cost $189.99. ...
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