Jordan Almonds?


Jordan Almonds are a popular form of dragée and comfit. Jordan Almonds are almonds that are coated in sugar and different pastel colors. They are also referred to as confetti, sugared almonds, and koufeta. These almonds are often used at baby showers due to their light pastel colors. They are also used in weddings as a symbol for the sweetness of love and the occasional bitterness of life. These almonds are popular in many parts of the world.
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Jordan almond
a large, hard-shelled, Spanish almond used especially in confectionery.
an almond with a hard, colored coating of sugar.
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1. Jordan Almonds have been used as wedding favors for many years and carry special significance in different cultures. They are often packaged in small amounts as a tribute to the
n. A large variety of almond from Málaga, Spain, used widely in confections. An almond with a hard, colored, flavored sugar coating. [By folk etymology from Middle English
In their most classic form they are exactly the candies known as sugared almonds,
What are Jordan almonds? Are they the same as regular almonds? If you find a variety called the Jordan almond, it's not a different species, but simply a larger specimen of the almond
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The first written record of the use of Jordan almonds was during the 1350s in Boccaccio's "Decameron," according to, and their use ...
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Depends on the jordan alomnds (fine, medium fine, superfine). I usually buy superfine jordan alomnds....they have between 90-110 pieces per lb. Check out ...
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