Journalist Requirements?


To be a journalist will have different requirements depending on if you are planning on being a broadcast journalist or a print journalist. A good first step is to get a degree in journalism or mass communications. These degrees will usually have the focus be on ethics, reporting, copy editing, or broadcasting. Summer jobs and internships are usually the next step after a college degree. These will many times lead to a full time career opportunity.
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Journalists must be exemplary writers and communicators. The foundation for those skills begins with high school courses in English, journalism and social studies, according to a
Most employers prefer individuals with a bachelor's degree in journalism or mass communications, but some hire graduates with other majors. They look for experience at school newspapers
A college degree is usually required for a a writer or editor; a
Journalists investigate and report news stories. A journalist may conduct thorough investigative research, interview key sources and work with a professional photographer to capture
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There isn't usually an education requirement to do freelance articles for most papers. Some companies do require you at least have a 4 year Bachelor's degree to ...
A journalist may be required to reveal his/her source if it involves criminal activity unless they are willing to be put in jail. In all other cases, journalists ...
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