Jumano Indians?


The Jumano Indians were the tribe that covered much of western Texas, parts of New Mexico and Mexico. They are believed to have disappeared by the middle of the 1700s due to diseases, warfare and the slave trade going on the regions and those that were left joined the Apache or the Comanche tribes. The Jumano Indians were buffalo hunters and also traders and often worked as the middle link between the other Indian tribes and Spanish explorers and traders.
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There were leaders for every village so there is no leader of them in general.
The Jumano Indians are actually several bands of Native Americans who use a similar language. Some were nomadic, traveling with the great herds of American buffalo that wandered the
These indians were in Texas, read about it. It's cool. Source(s) http://www.texasindians.com/jumano.htm.
The Rio Grande branch of the Jumanos were Puebloan Indians and
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About the Jumano Indians
There is much confusion about the heritage of the Jumano Indians because they were not all living in the same area when the Europeans reached the New World. In fact, anthropologists say that there were three or more separate Jumano groups. A main group... More »
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The Jumano Indians usually ate foods like nuts, beans, pear cactus and agave. However, they also hunted rabbit, deer and buffalo. ...
The Jumano were a nomadic tribe who lived between what is now El Paso and New Mexico in the North American Southwest. The Spaniards are known to have made several ...
Jumano indians used a variety of tools. Bone splinters, derived from buffalo, could be used to make needles which were used to sew hides into clothing. They used ...
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