Jumpin Jehosaphat?


Jumpin Jehoshaphat is a term that is used to express astonishment. It is stated that Jehoshaphat was the 4th king of the Kingdom of Judah, and the successor of his father Asa. He had a child by the name of Jehoram who succeeded him as king. His mothers name was Azubah Historically and his name sometimes has been connected with the Valley of Jehoshaphat. The 4th king Jehoshaphat took the throne at the age of 35 years old, and reigned for 25 years.
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Lol, this is what I found and it's hysterical "Jehosaphat was a wealthy king of Jerusalem. One day an army came from Koopastan to steal Jehosaphat's princess and his mountain
hes jumpin jack flashes granddad, maybe he went to school wit your grandpa.
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