How to Upload Videos from an JVC Compact VHS Camcorder to My PC?


Video Home System better known as VHS-C is the compact VHS videocassette format introduced in 1982. It is used for consumer-grade compact analogue recording camcorders. VHS has been replaced by digital video formats, which have smaller form factors.
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Same way you would get any analog video from any other analog source. with an analog/digital converter or capture card. Connect the AV cable to the camcorder and the A/D converter
1. Power on the JVC video camera and press the "Eject" button. The disc ejects from the video camera. Open the CD/DVD drive on the computer and place the disc onto the tray
What you need: - Computer - video editing software like iMovie (free with Mac) or Movie Maker (free with a PC) Next: 1. Get your video into your computer using the DV Pass Through
Ditch the VHS recorder. Burn them onto DVD. It's the 21st century.
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