How to Hook Up a JVC Stereo Receiver.?


1. Run the twin wires from the back of each speaker to the rear of the JVC stereo receiver. 2. Insert the wires into either the "Right" or "Left" speaker port connection (depending on the location of the speaker) Once the wires are in the connection
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Found my answer by looking at some other sites. Some suggested using a 1 before the number (new version of remote) So I tried 10074 - didn't work. Another site said that a 3 before
I'm sorry, the manual for the JVC fs 5000 does not list
Connect the speakers to the receiver's speaker outputs. Connect the TV to the receiver's hdmi output.Consult the TV's & the receiver's manuals.
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I'm sorry, the manual for the JVC fs 5000 does not list ...
Those home theater in a box are not flexible for adding or upgrading. When one item of the system fails you have to replace the whole system. I would not recommend ...
Ground the parking brake wire (green) Connect it to the ground wire (black) ...
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