If "K-9" refers to a dog, what does "K-6" mean?


The most common association of "K-6" is in reference to the elementary school levels of kindergarten through sixth grade. Although "K-9" refers to a dog, this is simply a short form of the word canine. "K-6" is not connected to any type of animal.

Kindergarten through sixth grades are also known as primary school. An associated abbreviation is that of "K-12." "K-12" represents primary, middle and secondary school in the United States and in some other countries around the world. Another set of associated abbreviations are "Pre-K-6" and "Pre-K-12," which represent pre-kindergarten through sixth grade and pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, respectively.

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Dogs K-9 Refers To. Police dogs or military dogs, the K-9 unit is the designation for a dog and his handler (if you say K-9 it sounds just like canine, a word for dog. These can be
K-6 refers to elementary (kindergarten-grade 6) education. ChaCha!
Some have letters. Let's see, there's the Bird-E, the Kit-E,
The title's meaning as an acronym has not yet been confirmed.
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K-6 usually refers to elementary school education in the United States, and is short for Kindergarten through 6th grade.
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'K' refers to kindergarten and '6' refers to sixth grade. Thus, K6 refers to Kindergarten through grade 6 in the division of school levels. It specifically to ...
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