Kajal Eyeliner?


The best kind of eyeliner and kajal is a matter of opinion of the customer, depending on their needs. Examples of such products include Stila, Urban Decay, and much more.
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well. I haveto say the best kajal eyeliner is actual Kajal! If your not into that, L'oreal Kohl black eyeliner is also great, Its my favourite eyeliner pencil since its dark and easily
Get a piece of paper. Extend the liner and hold it almost parallel (about a 15 to 20 degree angle) to the paper. Draw on the paper, focusing on making it more pointy. Source(s): http
stila’s kajal eyeliner is a must-have among celebrity makeup artists and celebrities alike. it seems as though they simply cannot get enough of this creamy eyeliner. you
lake cohl pensil is gud ,dnt go for elle 18 as it doesnt suit evry1 .buy only originals and look out the expiry date of tht product.
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