What is Kamchatka vodka?


Kamchatka vodka is a popular brand of distilled alcohol that is popular in Ohio. Some report that one might not even know they have been served the vodka if they haven't specified which type of vodka they are wishing to drink. Another popular vodka in Ohio is a close relative of Kamchatka vodka called Bison Vodka. This is a type of vodka that comes from Poland, and is derived from the grass that bison themselves eat. Each of these vodkas have an excellent purity quality.
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Kamchatka vodka is named after a Russian peninsula that sticks out into the Pacific
It's made in Kentucky by a sub division of Fortune Brands (who also own products like Jim Beam, Gilbeys Gin, Titleist golf equipment etc) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fortune_Bra&
A 1.75 L bottle of Kamchatka 80 proof vodka costs
Why don't you save your money and buy good vodka.
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Kamchatka is a vodka that is produced by Beam Inc, which is based in Kentucky. This type of vodka is termed as best selling vodka in Ohio and this is because of its energy value of 288(kj)
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